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04-06-2009, 02:43 PM
Convergence Of Dreams
What can I say We did it again!
Some people like to call it the best 2 hours of their life! lol
Just to let you know more about the story behind the mix.
As it began that fateful day. lol
We got booked to Spin at the Ware House for a 2 hr set.
The night began as we went over the set before we went on.
We made sure to get all the timings down and other stuff of that nature.
Well like the Fun Guy that I AM. Earlier that night I ate some very good
Mushrooms toppings on some pizza Rolls. lol While we went over the mix.
This mixture I ate was making me feel Really really good. ;D The music felt like a roller coaster. I looked at my friend and told him this mix was gonna attract people like crazy.
We knew the night was gonna be awesome. Little did we know the universe had something else in mind. As we started to hook up torq, so we could start.
I didn't even know If I was able to spin at that point. Well as we tried to spin.
The turntables was not reading with Torq. So the sound speakers started
Crackle and pop. We couldn't figure it out. Soon after that Every one left.
I mean every one. I felt like giving up. It was a Nightmare Walking. It totally killed my shyt. As pissed off and stressed out that we were. Javi was like fuck this "lets just give up." I was like fuck it I AM down. Well Javi called my friend. One last time and figured it out. Then We were up and Mad as Hell! We Finally started to mix.
I still felt uneasy and like something else is gonna go wrong!
After the third track was mixing out into the fourth.
I looked up and saw nothing but Fog and Lasers going threw everything.
Then all of a sudden people came out of no where and were dancing like crazy. I was still some what on it and was like AM I tripin' or is this a Dream.
Everything felt surreal At-One-Moment.
It went from a complete Technicolor Nightmare into a Dream.

As I was looking for a name for the mix. I began looking up words like transfer to other words transfigure. Nothing seemed to fit. Intuitively a word popped in my head. It said Converge. So I looked up the word and

Con - against; in Opposition
Verge - an extreme limit beyond which something specified will happen.

This in fact captured the essence of how the night felt and how everything played out.

Part 1

Part 2

This mix is but a story of conscious creativity.