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06-06-2009, 09:07 PM

Damage Control 33

Yes finally a New mix. I know it's been a while but in due time. When I rush things I often mess it up.
As you may of heard good things come to those who wait. It's not so true in my case because
Bad Ass things Manifest for me when the time is right. As a Dj I try to build a story. For me Mixing is
an expression of my conscious creativity. When this time came around I wanted to try a new style of mixing.
This was in fact pretty hard. I soon found my self talking to my friend Elicit (DomeRokRz) about
tracks, that we got. As we were talking in a message on myspace. I was replying about how
the new tracks were going to do some Damage. Well I had no Idea why this word came to me but
at the time it clicked. I was like I want to call my new mix Damage Control. I often get ideas
intuitively and are AWE struck by the shit that comes from them. As grateful as I am for the gifts
that have been coming to me. I can't help but wonder why does much of this come easy
for me to put together. I've been told by a Psychic that I've worked with Harmonic Frequencies
before. After I was told this I had an epiphany and sat there thinking about how this connects to the
Music I Love. This bleeds into how I pick my music. I only play what I can close my eyes to and feel the beats
resonating with my soul. I am more then ever ready for what's to come. I feel a shift coming and I
know what ever it may be it will be the best for Us. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I have.
When I listen to it. I often get out of my seat and put my hands up in the air and get filled with feelings of bliss.
I wanted to bring to your attention that I have six sMash up tracks I did in there. I almost forgot to
tell you this. I haven't been a sleep since yesterday but I am not on drugs. That would be fun but
it was the NrG and music pumping in my veins.
It was bursting for me to make more sMash ups. Just to give you some info. I don't call them mash ups for a reason.
The songs I put together Fuckin' FUCK. You know as SMASHING is to Fuck and as Fuck is to make Love.

Nukka You've just been DomeRocked!!! Lmao

Sorry I like telling people that. Well today I've done 5 sMash ups which I've never done that many before.
The creative eNeRGies kept on flooding my mind. I know I wrote a mutha fuckin Novel! I hope all
of you Dance your asses off and do some drugs and Fucking fuck to this mix! lmfao I really do hope
that yall have the best time that is possible. While you get your ear drums blasted by the Progressive
Trance I mixed for you. Get ready for the Ride and Roll out.
Yours truly,
The Novelty Teller John MatX DomeRokRz

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