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Swordtail Records
07-07-2009, 05:05 AM
Swordtail Records SR29: Syntagma is out now in all stores. The release covers a few different genres, with the original and a number of the remixes being breaks, another remix is 4/4 and also one downtempo remix.

The release has received support from: Chris Drifter, Chris Sterio, East Cafe, DJ Todos, Steve Marx, DJ Samer and more.

SR29 Abdomen Burst – Syntagma (remixes from Native, Oleg Zubkov, Ian Rubert, Negative Neutron)

For more information on the release: http://www.swordtailrecords.com/sr29.html

Up next in August is: DJ Yura & Serge Franc feat Iskra – Era (remix from Freza), which is getting huge DJ Support from a wide range of DJ’s including Nick Warren.

Swordtail Records