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11-19-2009, 05:23 PM

LuQas – Replicant / Robosapiens – Monkey Drummer (LuQas Remix) [DF25]
OUT NOW :: at Beatport (https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/track/catalog?contextEntityId=4913&contextType=labels&labelId=4913&pageNumber=1&resultsPerPage=13) for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards.

Dead Famous celebrates 25 releases, and what better way to act on that than to push a bit of the old with a bit of the new. Replicant sees the long awaited label debut release from Dead Famous’s own LuQas. Big on the psybreak phenomenon, LuQas has turned in quite an epic number that encompasses an entire journey in one tune. Lifting elements from breaks, progressive, and psytrance, LuQas contrasts everything in quite fine form – creating a driving number that will easily sit in many djs boxes no matter the style. Replicant pushes the limits of your mind, and then explodes into a moment of pure emotive monstrosity. The damage this tune causes to dancefloors needs to be seen to be believed. Trust.

The flip sees LuQas taking on his favorite DF tune from yesteryear, and a tune that was on the very first Dead Famous record – The Robosapiens’ own “Monkey Drummer”. We saw it fitting that one of the people that we strongly believe to be the future of Dead Famous take on one of the most known tunes in the label’s hi***** to celebrate our 25th release. Not disappointing in any way, LuQas has transformed Monkey Drummer in his signature driving/techy/psybreak style, and he’s done it in fine form. This is peak as they come, and it’s not hard to imagine a whole floor just jumping up and down to this. It’s packages like this that make us thankful that LuQas is Dead Famous, through and through.

Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about Replicant / Monkey Drummer:

Kraymon “The remix is my favourite one of the two. Top notch production on both though”

Far Too Loud “Monkey Drummer remix is my favorite here. Nice groove and build in the middle”

Farace “Replicant is a wicked tune, big!”

Hedflux “Wicked release, absolutely loving both of them! Will be hammering these for a good while! Luqas on top form!”

Llupa “Replicant - deep driving techy breaks at its best - 10 minutes of head down psy lick trickery and groove - the perfect 5am tune - GTFI Luqas”

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) “Loving both of these, Although Replicant just edges it for me. Will play both at some points though“

Kickflip “Replicant is cool, but favourite of the two is his remix of Monkey Drummer. Luqas uses the original's riff to perfection, bringing a flowing techy but melodic vibe with lots of spicy noodles.”

Perpetual Present “Awesome release from luqas, loving both tunes. A sublime infusion of deep, techy, trippy Breaks!”

Hexadecimal “LuQas has been improving with every release, really feeling both of these, the remix is probably my fav, perfect for Godskitchen later in the month”

Yreane “That's what I call breaks! Love both sides, especially remix. Already played it on gig this friday - cool reaction. Full support from me.”

Karl Sav “Dig replicant , nice chuggy vibe , nice acid stabs , definitely supporting this”

Duane Barry “Massive tracks! Replicant had a solid rolling groove which chugs along nicely with bleeps and techy goodness in all the right places. The electro elements of the Monkey Drummers remix really get the ass shaking!“


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11-23-2009, 06:13 PM
beatport link fixed. sorry all!

this release was single of the week on thisisbreaks.com


and it got 9/10 in the latest/next issue of idj. woot!