View Full Version : Welcome to TeknoSounds (please read first)

jimmathy SCARECROW
07-15-2010, 04:34 PM
Many thanks for being (or becoming) part of our growing community at TeknoSounds.
We look forward and encourage your participation to our webboard.
Feel free to reach out to any Mod or Admin. if you have any issues or further questions.


Also, make sure you introduce yourself by creating an individual thread in the Introduction forum telling us some things about yourself.
an example of this would be:

thread title: hey, I'M (insert screen name)
(something along those lines)

and try to include -

DJ/Producer/Promoter/Just listener, etc.:
Preferred genre(s) of music:
Favorite DJs/bands:
Personal website/Soundcloud/Facebook or Myspace:
How'd you hear about us:
* However, this format is not set in stone (just a recommendation).


Finally, I'd also like existing members to create an individualized introduction thread, so we can reacquaint ourselves with you as well as for any new members.