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09-25-2010, 07:16 PM
http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recap;_ylt=AuyU5noRHF2qZSGJPD177f85nYcB?gid=201009 250083

UCLA wallops No. 7 Texas again 34-12

By JIM VERTUNO, AP Sports Writer 45 minutes ago

AUSTIN, Texas (AP)—Johnathan Franklin rushed for 118 yards and a touchdown Saturday and UCLA stunned No. 7 Texas 34-12 on its home field again.
Thirteen years after the Bruins walloped the Longhorns 66-3 in the same stadium, UCLA sent Texas fans heading to the exits early by forcing four first-half turnovers, then letting its grinding ground game chew up the second.
The Bruins (2-2) ran for 264 of their 291 total yards. Quarterback Kevin Prince’s 38-yard touchdown run in the third quarter put the game away against a Texas offense that misfired all afternoon.
http://d.yimg.com/a/p/sp/ap/64/fullj.a4a2f6147ec7b2d944f01c5bee10231e/71d5b64d5c1a4f45b1f9a156108ccf72.jpg?x=180&y=200&xc=1&yc=1&wc=414&hc=460&q=70&sig=Z84SIIzEz2_WEqTIhTO6bg-- (http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaaf/games/201009250083/photos;_ylt=AgN.3df22UnHpsApi9PpU8byvbYF?slug=71d5 b64d5c1a4f45b1f9a156108ccf72) In this photo taken Sept. 11, …
AP - Sep 23, 1:16 pm EDT

UCLA-Tex Gallery (http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaaf/games/201009250083/gallery;_ylt=Aoq1DNaYymR4zvWGr8JMkvbyvbYF)

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After starting 0-2, including a 35-0 loss to Pac-10 rival Stanford, the Bruins have consecutive wins over Top 25 opponents.
Texas (3-1) lost its first home game since 2007 against Kansas State and scored its fewest points at home since a 12-7 loss to Texas A&M in 2006.
Texas fans looking for payback for the “Rout 66” game in 1997 never got even a glimpse of revenge in this one.
When it was over and most of the Longhorns fans had left the stadium, Bruins players rushed to the corner dominated by fans wearing UCLA blue. Many of them had come down to the front rail where Franklin danced and exchanged high fives amid the chants of “U-C-L-A.”
That came after Texas fans booed throughout much of the second half. Texas has one week to pick itself up for next Saturday’s rivalry showdown with No. 8 Oklahoma in Dallas.

09-25-2010, 11:23 PM
How can you lose when you weren't even playing football to begin with?

Man that game was depressing.