View Full Version : Pryzm - Live @ Club X/S - Feb. 2002 (Hardhouse/HardTrance)

01-26-2005, 05:07 PM
This is an old ass mix that Kauz just gave me of myself... i had lost the copy i had of it. This was right at the end of my Hardhouse hayday (man i played fast, like 150bpm), right before i quit DJing for a long time... It was played in February of 2002, to a packed house at Club X/S (The Old Observatory/SpyRoom where i once was a resident)... i played right at 12:30am and had an eager crowd of UK Hardhouse & Hard Trance heads at my disposal. Some of the artists featured in the mix are BK, Mauro Picotto, Push, Binary Finary, System F, Anne Savage, Paul Glazby, Dynamic Intervention, and more... It was recorded on the fly (playing to the crowd) using 2 Tech sl1200 m3d Tables, 2 Pioneer CDJ-100s CD Decks, A Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer, and an Alesis AirFX.... All the effects used are the AirFX that i was using for all my sets around that time.. Flangers, Filters, Phasers, and a Turntable Brake Emulation all done with the AirFX... I was also getting fancy with some cutting and EQing at times cause i was having a blast (plus really, really, drunk)... I don't remember the names of some of the tracks so it may take a while for me to come up with a tracklisting... The mixing is kinda shotty at times because its in a club with a crappy monitor but you can definatly capture the energy of the night. One of the most fun nights i had playing there for sure... the crowd was great.

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