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02-26-2005, 07:16 PM
removed from site... if you want this mix email me

The final hour of a 5 hour set i played at some random house party here in SA in December of 2000... i know its old school... This was around 6am-7am ish if i remember correctly, the rest of the set was cool but we didn't bust out the minidisc until 6am. This was also before i became a Hardhouse DJ and i was strictly playing Trance (The First Time). A friend of mine who i hadn't seen in years gave this to me recently since I don't even have a copy anymore. After like 4 years of not hearing it, its pretty cool still... So i thought i would share with the masses and give yall a old school look at Trance. Be sure to catch the Christian West Track... he is by far one of my fave producers still to this day. Enjoy! :)

Pryzm - Dec. 2000, 5 Hour House Party Set (Hour 5)

1 - Angel - Kites (Fade's Sanctuary Remix)
2 - Origin - Wide-Eyed Angel (Oliver Lieb Mix)
3 - Above - New Day Dawning (Planet Heaven Dub)
4 - Bullit - Richochet (Christian West Mix)
5 - The Light - Expand The Room (Deepsky Remix)
6 - Starecase - Not So Blue
7 - Pablo - The Arrival
8 - Forcefield - White Sands
9 - Lightforce - Join Me (Club Mix)

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