View Full Version : BEFORE YOU POST AN EVENT...

04-25-2005, 11:36 PM
Please follow the format listed below in your subject headings:

Subject: Date (00.00.00) - Name of the Party - @Venue - City

06.12.04 - Mad Hatters Tea Party 3 - @Texas Events Center - SA

And please place them in the correct city forum. If you do not, we'll have to edit it, so do us (the Mods) a favor and follow the format.

DO NOT post your event in the Lounge as it will be moved. Rollcalls and Feedback posts belong in that particular forum.

If you post a non-related event thread in the events section, it will be moved (or deleted)immediately to the appropriate area.

Promoters- please IM/PM Any Events Mod (http://teknosounds.com/messageboard/showgroups.php) at any time to correct posts or update any info on threads i've made for your event