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01-11-2006, 12:09 PM
Check out Austin based Psytrance djs tear it up.


then come out to see them live @

anuary 14th, 2006

Full Moon Feading Frenzy
Varcolac's Lair:

~Mubali(Trishula Records/ Mistress of Evil Records)
San Francisco, CA~
After much success releasing singles for compilations on labels such as Trishula, Mistress of Evil, and Manic Dragon to name a few, Mubali is set to journey across to Europe where he will put the finishing touches on his first full length album "Cats @ Play", which will be released on Trishula sometime next year. Come see what he has in store for dancefloors everywhere...

~Eckoe(Texaliens/ Shiva Shakti)~

~Vampyromorpha(Shiva Shakti)~

~Sylph(Shiva Shakti)~

~Force Majeure(TOUCH Samadhi)~

~Saggittarrius(Alien Meeting)~

~Spectraphonic(Shiva Shakti)~

*Location: 1300 E. 4th Street Warehouse*

*Full UV Deco Installations and Altar.*

*Concessions will be available with free fruit and chai in the morning.*

*Admission: $10*

*Starting Time: 10:00pm*

*Age Limit: 18+*

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