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03-16-2006, 06:35 PM
FUCK YA is all I caN say

I had a wonderful night and it will be in my memory forever! I loved every part of it!! well, i lost my wallet and that wasn't so cool but Jojo was able to get me in without an ID so thankyou jojo, but also thankyou Matt for the ride and invitation,. sky lounge was REALLY packed and hot, but I danced just about the entire time I was there

official review I am copying and pasting from one place cause im lazy

WE left Houston a little after 7 and got there a little after 9. It wasn't too hard to find where we were going. The streets of austin always intrigue me. Since I don't live there i'm always in awe of everything, but I had to pay attention to where Iw as going. we got to the club in time for Matt (Matthias) to go in, but i had to backtrack and find a wallet I found was missing. I never did find it, but I talked to a guy named jojo and he had me get in, so thankyou JOjo. I had been to sky lounge once before and it had a dress code last time. this time they let you enter in with whatever, which was nice. the front door guy was pretty nice but some of the staff wasn't too courteous. I mean it was their job to stand guard, but some of them were a little pushy. outside of this, the club itself was what I remembered it to be. the front door opened up into a long room, which reminded me of clark's, except this room was bigger. there was a bar to the left when you walked in and a bar at the back. The dj booth was centered in the front, next to some couches. They had this panel lighting up behind the dj booth

Dave molina was on when I walked in and his set was pretty good. it was more along the lines of some upbeat progressive house. I enjoyed it since it was my first time seeing him live. the dance floor soon got active and MAtthias went on , making people MORE active. as with all Matt's sets, he saved some of the best for last and let those basslines kick through the system. Matt did a good job opening for Ferry, who kciked so much ass. Lots of tracks I did not recognize and a few oldies but goodies. Had the whole club going crazy~~ I danced the whole night and had Ferry walk past me on his way out the club. All in all a night to remember

for anyone wanting pics


03-16-2006, 09:43 PM
nice pictures.. even made a couple funny captions for a few of them. hehe

04-03-2006, 01:15 PM
nice pix! fun night!