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06-08-2006, 09:42 AM
What is up Teknosounds Crew!

I spent the wee morning hours putting together a simple ambient set which is really ment to be chilled out and listened to on headphones since the 2nd track has lots of panning and very subtle sounds that are harder to hear when listening with a stereo system.

Also as a side note, I plan on having this as an intro to a 2 hour set which is going to be nothing but whitelabel tracks that I have procured through out the recent summer months. For now though i'll leave yah with the intro. The intro is subject to change with the two hour set.

I'd describe the set as a psychedelic trip from planet earth and then the journey goes into outter space.
"Headphone music for those long plane rides and you look out across the vast oceans below."

Ambient Intro Mix (Right click and save as) (http://dna.cyberia-archives.com/Ambience.mp3)

Peace and Tranquility to all who read

Andrew aka wE_R_DNA