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  1. lol that's funny! i'll text u soon to see if they wanna play!
  2. yea totally. we even just signed an ext on the lease.
    we can always have the doggies meet over in that field with the golf frisbee thing you stayed by. they need to learn to be around other doggies.
    they are sweet as can be but they dont get to play with any other dogs so they just get confused :P
  3. omg do u still live with the other jack russels??? Chili needs friends BADLY!. especially cute ones of her own kind!
  4. thanks neighbee!
  5. keep doing ya thang gurl
  6. Yo yo, whats been up?
    I still wanna bring my pups over to play with your doggie.
    lemme know when yall got some free time ^_^
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