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  1. 4 teh winz!
  2. oh i know...... i really do want to go!! That would really stink though driving all teh way to Austin and then no Entry...


    i might try tho.. been too long since i have been to a out of towner.
  3. hello! i hope you can come to glow! we're not going to be responsible for checking id's though, so sorry i can't for sure help you with that... i honestly don't think it will matter, but i can't give you any guarantees either :/
  4. it was cool, HUGE place...there was a lot of old schoolers there sorta a weird vibe though..
  5. hell yeah! it was a blast. how was the abyss?
  6. how did the fire spinnin comp. go? Have fun?
  7. ah, i was just looking at that!! i would but i'm gonna be at the fire spinning campout... drink a shiner for me! hehe
  8. make the trip to abyss....its going to be amazin!!
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