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  1. Hbeats much? =] good to see you back on..
  2. when will peeps learn? dont step to me I will not back down. in person or online it's going to get ugly.. lol
  3. no secret. I created that s/n to see how many times I reminded people.

    (for shits & giggles)
  4. werd it up homie, everythangs good. just moved into a new spot. and there happens to be no puter there. but I still check in from time tot time.
  5. long time no hear from. hope everything is all good on your side.
  6. views, whatever.

    i don't like having to delete eight posts in an Events thread b/c back-and-forth
    talking about gangbangs and other shit,
    you need to make a thread and take that shit to the Flamers&Rants forums.
  7. I'm super duper sorry man. I never should have said wut I said to you. I was thinking you were on my case and I over reacted. srssly dawg, I'm sorry.
  8. but yea I was concerned that they might be overlooked due to lack of info.. biggzz
  9. if anything people can just click on the info button on them..
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