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  1. Ps. Make a list of what each song is and by who.
    Thanks love<3!!
  2. Hey hun you still need to burn me that CD.
    You can put what ever by who ever on it.
    But Woop woop and Heart Breaker MUST be on it
    I am so ready for this weekend!
    Also, I'm coming into San Marcos today so if you're there hit me up at around 4
  3. Bad ass I'll do what I can!
  4. it's gonna be a bit. i need to finish up the track list n' shit then i'll worry about art. but if you've seen the cortinas and wade graphic they distributed with funk fix, that's a nice feel...
  5. Hey so just sketch a basic thing of what you want and I'll do it
  6. Have a good day sir!
  7. Love you tooo )))
  8. Eddie! I love ya
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