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  1. man i really wanted to go. how was it?
  2. yeah dani filth is a crazy mother fucker. but i dont have all the gear i want. fuck. i wish people could donate spike braclets for me
  3. wow. he kinda reminds me of brandon lee from the crow.
  4. yeah i should. i'm trying to get myself to look like the dude in my avatar.
  5. well if you already have your outfit picked out then you have to go! :-p hope you'll be able to make it. it's gonna be a sick party!
  6. but i'll try my hardest to make it
  7. oh for sure. i definetly am putting school first.
    but i still wanna party.
    i already planned out what i'l look like for the party.
  8. Well I hope you do!
    Good luck on your school work btw.
    You should def try your hardest to get that out of the way before any partying.
    Then reward yourself by going out & having fun!
  9. i'm gonna try to. if i want to i gotta do alot of school work b4 saturday. which i think i can do. i ccant wait.
  10. howdy. not much, just trying to get thru the week. are you goin to happy chronicah on sat?
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