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  1. i'm coming to hc3 this saturday to prove that i do belong. O.o. and i'm getting all dressed up sorta like the dude thats my avatar but not that extreme. lol
  2. that sucks. it really all depends on your perspective. as far as i'm concerned anyone can find a place in the scene as long as they aren't dickheads to other people, you know?
  3. i use to be apart of the scene but for some reason i felt i didnt belong
  4. ah right on. well welcome to teknosounds! it's a fun place. sometimes.
  5. no you havent. lol. just trying to meet new people. i'm sick of myspace
  6. not a whole lot...not trying to be rude at all, have i met you? don't recognize the pic
  7. hey whats up?
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