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  1. hey there!! havent stopped by here in a i was wonderin if u spin at other clubs here in s.a besides dolce?? cause arent they a dress to impress club?? i hateeeeee gettin all dolled up..and how the hell am i supposed to dance in heels lmao...i am such a clutz and i will end up breakin my foot again lol
  2. Happy belated birthday and no worries, I'm sure we'll see each other soon enough.
  3. no prob dude!! i luved happened to be my birthday party too..was a awesome night!! was hopin to meet ya but didnt get to
  4. Thanks for the love!!! Glad you liked the set.
  5. hey there! well i caught u at the micro show just wanted to say u fuckin rocked it had a blast...
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