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  1. lmao! ya some people think they are smarter than they are.
  2. but I'm glad the drama kept you atleast a little entertained.
  3. yeah, it was funny too she was saying she was being brash, not rude.
    bitch needs to buy a thesaurus...and actually use it.
  4. always coming correct with the tight beats! :smoker
  5. [i didn't embed it (the video), so it didn't eat up the space on your profile page]

    something you might, or might not, like

    dude used to produce breakcore.
  7. haha, i knew i had to be reading that text wrong.
  8. "but not in a gay way!"

    yeah, that video is good stuff.

    someone posted it on subcrates. apparently someone over there is a fan boy.
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