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  1. Thank ya.... 27 Years young
  2. so todays yo birff day?
    big 30?
  3. Bring it to Mad Hatters!
  4. got lots of dosxx left over for ya!
  5. check yo self foo! [ame=""]YouTube- Que carros![/ame]
  6. They werent ready!!! Should of thrown funnel cakes off stage.. lol
  7. dubstep at the fair!!! wOOt!
  8. No i was asking if you were there cuz nessa saw you.. lol

    I didnt see ya. Maybe she was trippen
  9. keeps me busy..I had a shooting with the TXRD girls last night.
    Didn't get out til' 11:00 pm.
    Had been up since 3 am yeaterday. Just wanted to feel the comforts of my bed
    Talk about being tired. So much walking around even got a rash. our thing anyways, got a treat for ya!
  10. you sent me a message early this morning @ 12:44!
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