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  1. I'm so glad I'm in your default XD
  2. Really? Well most deff. let me know if it is post poned or pushed back. I am very excited for that specific event.
    I got my ticket in the mail for Mega Buzz, now I just need to work on my outfit
    And the movie is going to be sweet. I want the hat Max wears!!
  3. Nice, Well I believe WTWTA might be post poned or pushed back. I havent heard much. Let me check on that. I Sooooo wanna see that movie too
  4. Of course!! I already have my ticket Are you going to be at Where the Wild Things Are? I'm pretty excited for 512 aswell
  5. Just workin, ready to get off. U goin to Mega Buzz?
  6. Hey there not alot Just at school. What are you doin'?
  7. Hey whats homie.. T.G.I.F
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