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  1. its ok girl i missed the meeting too, so i am clueless to what went down lol
  2. mannnnnn i want u to come to lost in the abyss here in s.a boo on your car for being broke car needs an oil change before i make any out of town trips, all that drivin to kyle and atx from s.a takes its toll..btw THANKS SO MUCH for the awesome comment on kandi steppers deviant art pic of me made me smile! <3
  3. cant wait to see ya on saturday!
  4. Aaww <33333

  5. they will never understand why u do what you do, so fuck em hehe
  6. Will do sweetness!! :]
  7. hey there mah gogo homie! just wanted to say good luck tomorrow night!! im sure you will blow all them other girls off the dancefloor with your mad skillz hehe..haters are only good for one thing, MOTIVATION!!!..rock it girl!! let me know how it goes, ill be here in s.a at the jeremy word show..passin out neon disco flyers
  8. Aww! Thanks sweetheart! Do you know where any more photos are? I'm looking for some photos taken by a girl named Tani(y?)a, she took a lot!
  9. hey girl!! thanks for the add
    i saw the pics from virus and your outfit was hella adorable
    no wonder you were so busy makin it..wish i coulda made it to the party
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