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  1. devil man!...I said I was going on monday! I am not there yet! LOL
  2. I was down town this morning for my run and saw that Chucos closed ....oh well the 915 will meet the 512 soon I hope.
  3. Fo Sho...I will just steel the whole tray...I am gonna walk up in that mother with a huge igloo...and some big black trash bags for my mexican luggage...gotta keep it classy
  4. Doooooooo it!!! Dont 4get the Green Salsa...

    <<< Puts on Chicos Tacos shirt.
  5. Hey I am going to El Paso on Monday and I was thinking about bringing back mass amounts off Chicos back...dry ice man...dry ice...
  6. Fo sho! I took my ma with me...she says thank you too!
    all that place was missing was the gum under all the tables...hahaha
  7. Hola! thanks for telling me about deff satisfied the craving
  8. Say what!? that is freaking awsome.... I gotta let the familia know
  9. LOL...what you know about some saucy tacos! hahaha
    I love that shit man, I wish ATX had one I do crave that shit from time to time. I lived on Copper Ave. in memorial park.
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