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  1. Fire away wanna pm me? My cell and AIM are on the Manifest forum
  2. Rev had some music Questions For you?
  3. Dumped ya on accident.. Had a crazy bitch show up on my friends list and instead of deleting her i deleted everyone else : ( Damn this Teknosounds.. So easy a cave man can do it my ass!!
  4. Wassup? I thought we WERE friends. Did you dump me? Don't go breakin' my heart cool breeze...
    Maybe see you on Halloween?
  5. you are such a gaylord......
  6. So sorry Da Brat.. I Think as each day goes by i fall more in love with her... Sigh
  7. um.... I believe it's pronounced "Da" Brat...and that site can kiss mine 2. U can't front on our seminar style! And btw....
  8. Tha Brat thing i never wanna live down.. She's hot and can kiss my ass
  9. THIS IS RUSSELL????!!!

    Dude, I thought I was mouthing off to some random dude on the forum. I should have glanced at your friends and figured it out.


    Well now that I know this is you, you're never gonna live that Da Brat thing down, even if you WERE kidding. I've been wanting to show you this rediculous website anyway, they stole our idea. They don't have a tutorial about how to not hit people in the face though...
  10. You'll be my friend huh... Couldn't ask for a better one Still Waiting On That DnB Mix you told me about
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