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  1. Me and the EDJ boys were discussing your awesomeness Monday night. Were your ears burning?
  2. I love you too Nick. Excellent call on recording the dj sets at the beach.
  3. I you Kathy!!!
  4. Go 512? What is it? I can't find it
  5. you too what...? As for youtube vids, just take the normal youtube address of the video...not the embed the and it'll auto-embed for ya
  6. yeah me too. I can't figure out how to embed youtube vids either. But you know me, I'm internet retarted. COBBLER!!!!!
  7. lol true enough you know everyones username on here? really not too sure how many folks are on here but Johnny, flippy, myself, russell umm...maybe ram-z...
  8. Thanks again Nick! Now I gotta light some fires under asses....oh, to be the only non-stoner in my crew. Well, Johnny's not. BUT EVERYBODY ELSE.....
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