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  1. GOOD LUCK with your show!!!!!! Remember take some wicked pictures of the venue and costumes!!!!!!
  2. BTW you should come up for our Halloween show, it's NOT an all ages event.....LOL Just read that thread.....That's why you don't see me there as a guest or playing!!!
  3. LOL It's all good. I know some clubs are cool with different people. I just play where they want me!!!
  4. awww i would totally go see u at eden homie but me and that place just dont click...the vibe there freaks me out! Not to mention all the high heeled wemens and slicked back hair.
  5. oooooh congrats on that!
  6. I can't. I'm playing outta state. Maybe next time though!
  7. i know yall are doin the deepsky party this 26th. but are ya'll going to try to come out for abyss?
  8. Well I wasn't trained for a long time, but got that degree to help me get the job. And I learned a lot!!! If you haven't heard me play go DL my mixes on this site! If you go to the breaks section, my newest is right up at the top, and if you click on the "top 5" my CD, "Mind Progesssion" is sittin' at number 2! I did the design work for both of those CDs, and everything is made by me. On Digital Snapshot, even the film strips, the camera, the polaroids etc etc etc....all made from scratch. If you ever want to come to a BucklUp show, hit me up and I'll let you and a friend in for your first time for free. We are doing Josh the Funky one on Halloween night at Karma. Costumes and all. I've just written you a damn book! LOL
  9. u know i was wondering that i'm not sure if i have seen u play before i have been trying to remember if i had or not....i dont really go to alot of parties out in that area real far for my poor truck +i like to support our local scene
    Heck yes....that would be awesome i love to check out bad ass graphic design set ups...i have never actually watched someone who has been TRAINED play with photoshop i'd prolly freak out!!
  10. Hey we're the same age too.....

    Do we know each other?
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