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  1. CONGRATS BRO! Thats fuckin' cool. Glad to have you back, Im sure you had a blast. I put the word out that youre back. I make no promises, but Im sure something will turn up. Hit up Davinci/Lenny. He will book you for one of his weeklys Im sure. Hes always got something going on. FMP (Lefty aka Marcus, and OHNO aka Colin, and those kids), are doing a lot as well. May want to holla at them as well. Ill keep my ears open for ya! Congrats once again homie! Im sure Ill see you soon. Have a wicked weekend...
  2. shit man my bad I hadn't your message until today. Its been good- I got married and went to hawaii earlier this month so I've been layin low. I need to get out and play a party or some shit!
  3. What up bro? How be thangs???
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