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  1. excellent. its how it SHOULD be
  2. hahaha hey as i tell my gf dorks rule the world now. so it's all good.
  3. what can i say? if there is one thing my mom left behind. its me and her dorkiness. lol
  4. Hahaha that is clever!!!
  5. Haha, wo0t. Well, you shall see the meggles there jamming it out with some of my best friends.

    -\m/-(^_^)-\m/- <===its holding glow sticks!! haha i'm clever
  6. word next time we play up there will be aug. 5 with a special guest headliner. that is nationally know.
  7. i'm probably going to karma this week, but i'm definitely gonna go the next time you dj there. i just can't afford hookah until thursday and i'll feel all bad taking up space.
  8. word same here, be sure to come say hi Wednesday at jungle juice. you and just call me pj for short like every one else does on here lol
  9. hiiiii, nice to meet you.
    i'm meggles aka megan
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