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  1. this was posted to the winner's email group:
  2. Happy belated birthday, goober.
    Just stopping by to let you know that whatever it is you're doing right now, I assure you, you're doing it wrong.
    love Rev
  3. No HHC huh? Then Brian and I will NOT be inviting you to the gabber wheelchair derby campout we've got in the works
  4. I'm totally down for being cool. I have to sell my ass to get there though. I'm going through the worst financial meltdown of my life. The american monetary system has made me it's bitch,. and now I feel dirty. I'm as fucking broke, and in the hole as it gets.

    I know it's close.

    but I have a dream.

    I have some good driving tunes.

    And three empty seats.

    I'll have to pull a ropes worth of strings,... outta my ass,... to get this dun.

    But I'm determined.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Oh and uh... well while I'm at it..If you are still around and have any plans of coming to the Oct camp..can I talk you into working a gate shift? Nick's working a gate shift. Russell's working a gate shift. All the cool kids are working a gate shift. Don't you wanna be cool?
  6. I'm here because I'm sort of in awe that you haven't jumped on the Rickroll thread. Since you wouldn't tell me what it was I had to dial-a-nerd and as a result my brother and I now Rickroll where we are in Singapore and abroad and call each other while it's happening as a dedication. Thanks for bring us closer together in a very stupid way. Mad rickroll material exists there. Get on it bitch
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