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  1. Awww you don't want to see me rock it at the mall with my booty shaking in the window?

    I have a mix I made back in April - May. You can find it on the DnB page. I'm working on a new mix that will be out before this weekend.
  2. thats awesome!!!! i wish i could make it out but i think im stayin local and goin to the disco parte' Good luck with that....where can i download a copy of your mix? are u on
  3. Busy Busy Busy. I'm playing this weekend at 5pm at the Meet and Greet.
  4. long time no talk homies!!
  5. Shit, I worked that show and spent the next 2 days over at PJ's crib. I'm tired as hell.
  6. where u been yo?!
  7. yo!

    man im effin BORED as hell! And im wondering why we are so fuckin busy at work today....
  8. nada scary alien.
  9. What up little stepper?
  10. HI!!!!!

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