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  1. Jay Neezy in the muthaflippin' hizzie fo sheezie! BucklUp in the building! Im having a going away party in July. The 25th is the date as of now. Im not doing a whole lot to organize it, but YOU best be there. And Dave. Dont hold the date open or anything, its my going away party. Hardly a momentous event, or a gig worth turning down others for. BUT, if yall are in town and not busy, I would love for you to at least attend. It would make a half black man VERY happy if yall dropped a wicked tag set. Ill give you more details in the next few days. Love ya sis...
  2. OMG, I cant believe I yet to leave a comment on sisters TS profile. So there, you got one! Cant wait til Saturday! Me and the boys are gonna get silly behind them there decks. I so pumped! I'll let you know when I have the time slots. I know you and Dave are essentially the headliners, so you'll have a prime time to rock it! Love and miss ya sis. Same to my brother David! I'll be home in a couple of days. I'll hit yall up. We gotta hang, and you gotta meet the new chica!
  3. Jay Nicole Kicks Ass!!!!!
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