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  1. listenin to the partisans, wow. just stumbled on them. thought of you of course. GONNA KICK IN SOME TEETH TONITE! hope this place is cool.
  2. so now I'm watchin Paul Anka on Kojak and having a second round of chalupas.
  3. meteor showers! I can't wait, hope its visible to us. I LOVE YOU!!!
  4. Please reply asap! I need to know how much to starve myself this weekend!
  5. check yer mysapce
  6. HAHA, twitter got hacked!
  7. Thanx for the call; made my day. 3 hours and counting! HELL YEAH!
  8. What time are leaving tomorrow? I gave my notice....
  9. TeeHee, I post...they got on the subject of "old age". Ahemm, who the hell is older than me? If anyone asks go head tell em my age. I shoulda been doing that inmy 30s. Work is busy gotta go. I still hate this place. Mas later.
  10. Motherfuckin' NEW YORK DOLLS!!!!! I ain't sad at all I missed Metalica. Motherfuckin' NEW YORK DOLLS!!!!!! Johanson looks and sounds awesome. Besides THEY ARE LEGENDARY but who cares or even knows.

    My dumb rock & roll ass. MY BASS KICKS ASS!!!!

    No no no, MY SNAKES EYES & 8/10 CAB KICKS ASS!!!!

    Wish I coulda seen Circle
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