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  1. awe yay! congrats on the marriage thing. thats pretty awesome!
  2. wow.. name change eh? Coolness.. to what? Ambrosia? Either way... good to hear from ya. You may see me around droppin some tunes again some time. Back on the mix tip.. can't leave my decks alone. And speaking of name change.. I'm gettin married next month so my fiance will be changin her last name as well! Very excited about that! Anyway... be good, girl. Holla!
  3. yea...i totally changed my name legally about a year ago. like, the entire thang n shit
  4. holy cow! long time no see, mister! ^_^
  5. lol what up girl? been a damn minute! old school Amber right? no?
  6. Is this gregorgy? o_O
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