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  1. I know whatcha mean, you do just see some crazyness out there and wanna learn how to do it. I learned the threshold of what i know from my friend Slim, but you can always get better. Well i will look for ya at megabuzz.
  2. To be honest my style is pretty much just controlled chaos, lol.. I never really learned the tricks by their official name or anything, I'd just see someone do something cool and try to reproduce that in my own way.. -shrug-
  3. I know fire poi is the same idea, but at the same time a very different concept. Haven't gotten that far yet. I just ordered some ogg poi, hopefully it will be here by megabuzz . You gotta show me some of your style, im focusing on some behind the back at the moment.
  4. thanks i could use some practice... mostly been focused on fire poi so i'm sure my glowstick skills are lacking atm.
  5. I've seen you spinning with Spade at some past events, you're pretty tight at that shit
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