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  1. man!
  2. har dee har har!!!!! No i'm still here lol. i pop in every now and again. they cracked down on our interweb usage at work. so i cant be on long enough to chat
  3. you never chat anymore...whats amatter? triceratopse got your little hand?.....lame i know.
  4. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im following some random dude. I WIN! rofl
  5. no tweets from me.
  6. totally going to watch it when i freakin get home. Hey so im following someone on twitter called the hoser, and um.......i dont think its you. rofl...cause some of the stuff that person tweets about is ......well............weird.
  7. this video reminds me of you, i dont know why.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Caminando con los dinosaurios[/ame]
  8. seriously, they say snakes have a small limb(s) like a catfish. yeah, still ROFL
  9. i seriously just spit the fuck out of my dr pepper. ROFL!!
  10. i was in defensive driving last week, and the teacher said that they belive t-rexs' arms had no purpose except for 1 thing, to tickle their partner while mating. Like snakes, you know.
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