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  1. yo Kathy, you may not remember, but you did a show for free 4 me in like '01 called Jungle was the first party thrown at Maneo and was pretty successfull considering our crew at the time soon fell apart (third coast bass) I am back and have this internet radio gig each Wed from 9p-12a. Just had 4Eleven and JTHigh this week, planning on getting my buddy Agent Marst on in the future along with Daveed and The Process and others. You have been at the top of my list to get into contact with to see if you would be interested sometime after the holidays maybe doing a show.
    This Government Controlled party is at my house and you and One Love are welcome to bring as many people as you like. I will give everyone here at EDJ a heads up on that, but it might be helpfull if you were to send Logan or myself some names to add to the list just in case. Hope you are well, and I hope to see you tomorrow.
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