DJ Mix Downloads: Tired and Wired

Tired and Wired

Uploaded by justintime - 03-20-2010
Artist/DJ Artist/DJ Just In Time
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Tired & Wired
mixed by Just In Time
JITrecordings studio using Abelton Live 6.0
Genre: Progressive Breakbeat Trance?

01 – Crystal Method vs. Coldplay “I Luv the Scientist” (JIT Mash)
02 – Coalesced “Awakening” (Nieghel Remix) [Morphosis]
03 – Stephan J. Kroos “Oxygenation” [Anjunabeats]
04 – Teflon Child “Firehead” (Opencloud’s Ode Mix) [Proton]
05 – Niall “Music of the Sun” [RocSoul]
06 – Spooky “Relief” [Spooky]
07 – Subsource “This Town” [Spinout]
08 – Dub Pistols “Problem Is” (Breaks Mix) [Distinctive]
09 – Noel Sanger & Bodhi Tree “Trapped” (Stephan Anion Mix) [Release]
10 – Momu “Mavericks” [Looq]
11 – No Context “Easy” [Olaris]
12 – Hyashi Atari “Sweet Melodies” (Dorje Breaks Mix) [Subject Unknown]
13 – 5alad “Alien Call” [Imaginary Nonexistent]
14 – Deep “Super Illusions” [Regular Beats]
15 – Federico Conti “Pianissimo” [Bacci Bros.]
16 – Nikos Diamantopoulos “Out of Blue” [Klik]

This mix is best experienced early in the morning after a long night of dancing when you can’t move anymore but you can’t sleep either. It will climb up to your fading high and grab you by the soul to gently put you to rest. I’m not fucking around when I say this music is a true work of art. Enjoy Tired & Wired.




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