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Hard Boiled

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Uploaded by Iffy Bizness - 10-20-2010
Artist/DJ Artist/DJ Andrez Bergen
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Andrez Bergen Hard Boiled Techno Oct 2010

A few bits and pieces of as-yet-unreleased stuff, recent beasties, and some older in the tooth numbers, most of it grubby, out-there and techy. Kind'a. Free d/load, and ta to the artists and labels for the bloody brilliant tunes.


1. Ade Fenton ‘Falling Down’ (IF?)
2. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Wyndell Long remix) (IF?)
3. Ade Fenton ‘Falling Down’ (Ben Mill remix) (IF?)
4. Ade Fenton ‘Alien Water’ (Ben Mill remix) (Gynoid)
5. Ade Fenton ‘Falling Down’ (DJ Hi-Shock remix) (IF?)
6. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (James Ruskin remix) (IF?/Gynoid)
7. Luke Slater ‘Head Converter’ (Bootleg remix)
8. Little Nobody ‘Get Away From It All’ (Bas Mooy remix) (IF?)
9. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira ‘Robota’ (Koda remix) (Elektrax)
10. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (IF?/Gynoid)
11. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Kultrun remix) (IF?)
12. Little Nobody ‘Compulsion’ (DJ Wada remix) (Plaza In Crowd)
13. Cut Bit Motorz ‘Dry Fruit’ (DJ Wada remix) (IF?)
14. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira ‘Robota’ (Toshiyuki Yasuda remix) (IF?)
15. Little Nobody ‘Compulsion’ (DJ Wada remix) (Hypnotic Room)
16. Little Nobody ‘Linoleum Actress’ (Unreleased)
17. Ade Fenton ‘Falling Down’ (Sebastian Bayne remix) (IF?)
18. Cut Phobic ‘Advanced’ (Koda remix) (IF?)
19. Andrez Bergen ‘Disquo’ (Kultrun remix) (IF?)
20. Luke’s Anger ‘Project Perk’ (Donk Boys remix) (IF?)
21. Luke’s Anger ‘Several Sizes Too Big’ (Little Nobody remix) (IF?)
22. Dasha Rush ‘Comme La Neige’ (E383 remix) (IF?)
23. Andrez Bergen ‘Disquo’ (Cut Bit Motorz remix #2) (Hypnotic Room)
24. Funk Gadget ‘Blah Blah’ (Dave Tarrida remix) (Slidebar)
25. Ben Mill ‘Dancefloor Confessions Of A Stalker’ (Space DJz remix) (Gynoid)
26. Dick Drone ‘Engine Room’ (Hypnotic Room)
27. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira ‘Robota’ (Ben Mill’s Tin Man remix) (IF?)
28. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Ben Mill remix) (IF?)
29. Ade Fenton ‘Falling Down’ (Kultrun remix) (IF?)
30. BCR Boys ‘The Flux’ (Alkan remix) (IF?)
31. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Ben Mill remix) (IF?)
32. BCR Boys ‘The Flux’ (DJ Hi-Shock remix) (Gynoid)
33. Luke’s Anger ‘Project Perk’ (IF?)
34. DJ Hi-Shock ‘Asama Express’ (Ken Ishii remix) (Elektrax)
35. Ben Mill ‘Dance Floor Confessions Of A Stalker’ (Shin Nishimura remix) (Gynoid)
36. Little Nobody ‘Depth Charge’ (Bitch Shift remix) (Elektrax)
37. DJ Hi-Shock ‘Asama Express’ (Ken Ishii remix) (Elektrax)
38. Funk Gadget ‘Blah Blah’ (Dave Tarrida remix) (Slidebar)
39. Little Nobody ‘Metropolis How?’ (Takashi Watanabe remix) (IF?)
40. Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira ‘Robota’ (V1NZ remix) (IF?)
41. Little Nobody ‘The Condimental Op’ (K. Alexi Shelby remix) (IF?)




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