DJ Mix Downloads: Sleeping Until I Wake

Sleeping Until I Wake

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Uploaded by kdh - 03-20-2010
Artist/DJ Artist/DJ kdh
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Been in the works for some time. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Track Artist Mix Label
01_Ill Be there for you D-Kay & Raw Full Concord Dawn Remix Freak Recordings
02_Inside My Soul Logistics Friction+Nu Balance Remix Hospital Records
03_Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1,2" MVP Dj Zink Mix Positiva Red
04_Tarantula Pendulum & Fresh Orig BreakBeat Koas
05_X-Ray Subfocus Orig White
06_Messiah Konflict Spor Remix Renegade Hardware
07_Enemies Dynamic Source K-Step Mix Sudden Def
08_Mars Attacks K-Step Orig Sudden Def
09_Belch Purple Unit VS Temper D & K Fire Orig Cell
10_Mo Fire Raw Hill Cru Andy C VS Fresh BCRecordings
11_Unknown Ill Skills VS Concord Dawn Orig White
12_Submarines Fresh Pendulum Remix BreakBeat Koas
13_Pack Of Wolfs Nightbreed Pendulum Remix Ram Records
14_Mercy Muffler Orig Revolution Records
15_Unknown CounterStrike Orig White
16_Morning Light Concord Dawn Orig Timeless
17_Lose Myself Lucifer Orig Cymbalism
18_Scorned Rawthang Feat Kari Rueslatten Orig BSE Recordings
19_Over Cut and Run DnB Mix Cut and Run
20_Cherish ILS Feat Valkyrie Vicious Circle Mix Distinctive
21_Let Me Down Shannon Swain Ben Sage Remix Disturbed
22_Epilogue Rawthang Feat Kari Rueslatten Org BSE Recordings
23_Remeber Me SunChase Ill Skillz Remix Hostile
24_Dub Beats CTRL Ed Solo Remix DSF
25_Attck of the WolfMan Rob Sparx Orig Zombie Recordings
26_Consciousness Xample & Sol Orig Penny Black
27_Devil's Chimmney Exile Orig Evol Intent Records
28_Forbidden Fruit Rascal & Kane Orig Noizworks
29_Aeons Counterstike Feat DropBass Orig Revolution Records
30_Corrupt Cops Pish Posh Evol Intent Remix BarCode Records
31_Rinsin Rawthang Orig HabitRecordings
32_Wise Decision GhostFace Orig White
33_Unknown Muffler Orig White
34_Boom Blast Free Stylers John B Remix Against the Grain
35_Papua Nu Guinea High Contrast + Future sound of London Remix White




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