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  1. holubba
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    Hello there. i live in Medford, NJ. (central/south jersey) my doctor gave me Vicodin 5 years ago for my hip pain. i had my hip replaced and the new one was put in slightly out of kilter. now, all of a sudden, he stopped prescribing narcotics to all of his patients. i can't believe he left me hanging like this. he said it was because he got tired of dealing with the recent increase in pain medication requests. he couldn't tell who really needed them and who just wanted to get high. anyway, he never even suggested any pain management doctors for me. does anyone here know of doctors who are willing to help me? Thanks!!!

    Any one know what this pill is Looks like Vicodin but not sure Thanks
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  2. holubba
    Ya but you also have to watch out for them churchy types don't get me wrong there are still good church kids but alot of them try to break free from that setting
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  3. holubba
    Brother, I am a Marine Corps Veteran and I also deal with severe Back pain and have had back surgery; completely replacing my L4-L5 / L5-S1 discs and all of the scar tissue, etc., so I know a METRIC TON of medical information ALONG with actually KNOWING/FEELING your pain since I have been dealing with this 2006, when I took a 1 story fall THRU a floor that collapsed under me, (it was a "Booby Trap*, but luckily I had my Unit behind me in a Semi-Straight Line Dispersion Pattern b/c we knew the building was rigged in some way. Luckily, only I, took the fall and got injured; both knees, right leg, right hamstring, right calf, ankles, right arm and of course, my spine. I know what you're going through bro and I have not only been through it all, but, (some background on me so that you and anyone else can be comfortable.) - Long story short: I am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.
  4. holubba
    I am also a State Certified Medic, Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer K9 SAR, (SEARCH & RESCUE), with my Trained and Certified, (in multiple areas of expertise.), "Mans Best Friend!!!, my K9 German Shepherd. I am going to spend as much time as needed writing this out for you, so that you can posses the information you need to help yourself! SEMER FIDELIS right? Well as a Marine Scout Sniper, we are ALWAYS FAITHFUL to our Brothers in Arms!! So let's get started!!! FIRST and foremost, you need to go see a a PAIN MANAGEMENT Doctor. Your VA Hospital should have one. If they don't, you have two options, see another VA Doctor; PREFERABLY a NEUROSURGE
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