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  1. holubba
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    oblong pink pill with a large V on one side and 3600 on the other...was given this as a Vicodin 10/500 by my pharmacy but cannot find it in my nurse's drug handbook...and afraid it is not Vicodin 10 at all and is a mistake. Has anyone else ever taken a pill like this?

    I have been given a generic prescription for Lortab. The bottle says Hydrocodone_apap 10-500 tablets. They are white, oblone tablets with a half break ad say1P 119, with no reference to Lortab. I cannot locate the manufacturer. Can anybody help with the info on this? Thanks
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    what happens if I mix hydrocodon with ketorolaco 30mg? could it be deadly?
  2. holubba
    I have the very same problem you're having it's not in your head. The vicodon 7.5 make me horribly nauseated. But I have no problem with the 10/325mg Norco. There is big diff, even with same manufactor, there are diff ingred. I don't care what they say. I also know two other people live backgrounds on them and they say the same

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