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    All DJs, producers, production crews,

    I'm presently working to establish "the DJ connection"--a DJ exchange program between PA/OH and TX. The premise is reciprocation, with companies booking TX DJs (at a reduced/no cost) and providing airfare and accommodations in exchange for their DJs being booked in TX.

    The idea behind the project is one of exposure. Too often really great DJs/producers are overlooked due to their heavy rotation within the same city--with very few really making it out of the rut. This centralized network of DJs/producers/production companies will allow for established as well as up-and-coming DJs/producers to get the word out about their music, and increase the likelihood of upward movement in their popularity/marketability. At the same time, the EDM scene will get the chance to experience new talent while maintaining low ticket costs.

    There are presently a number of companies in PA and OH interested in the arrangement.

    Those interested please contact me via pm, myspace (inadaze_productions) or


    Inadaze Productions
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    Interesting, this isnt the first time this idea has been brought but nonetheless interesting. last time i/we tried this, got fucked on the deal pretty bad. Good luck on finding people. <--world domination <-- The Crew
    MalasuerteDNB - Abducted Recs (USA), Phantom Htz (USA)
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