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Thread: 12.31.08 Tribal Elements New years w/ I-Cue,DreadFoxx,CoLab, Imaginary Friends & more...

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    Come celebrate New Year's with the Tribe! If you were there last year, you know the drill!

    Calling all old-schoolers, breakers, b-boys and girls, graffiti artists, and crews! Come celebrate New Year's with two rooms of interactiv audio/visual entertainment, fully staffed bar, food and snacks, ball drop, New Years countdown, and champagne toast at midnight! So come dressed in your funkiest outfit, and get on down! We are breakin the Funk of 08 with a new day, a new president, and a New Year!

    The entertainment:

    I-cue(NYC, NY), King City Rockaz,, Konkrete Jungle, Live Nude DJ's, NYC
    For the past decade, I-Cue has been a force to be reckoned with in the New York City jungle / drum and bass scene. This pioneer of the hip step genre is still going strong creating hip hop infused drum and bass productions and spinning the inspiring sound and style to the masses. His music productions, collaborations, dub-plates, releases, sets and countless mixes have reached out to audiences in and out of New York City, stateside and all the way across the Atlantic and are highly accepted and embraced with open arms and ears. The ingenious creator of unique experiments has proven to the massive that his future classic party rocking theme is absolutely timeless and in a class all of his own.

    Colab w/ Mc's Al Lyric & Izk dental Records BLUNT FORCE CREW started out as two brothers kicking rhymes while smoking herb and socializing at houseparties.The core of BLUNT FORCE is DTOX his brother IZK and D.J. DEFT STEEZO. Having been influenced by nearly all types of music,it is hard to peg thier sound, but can easily be described as an avalanche of efficent poetic wordplay for your mind and soul,and a head-bobbing infectious groove for you and your people to move to! THE CREW has collaberated with the likes of VOICEROCK,END$,AL LYRIC,SHOGUN,NEVRLAND,LEAF,CITIZEN,ALLISTER SATELLITE,GOAT,STRANGELOVE,DR.QUINN,KIND BEATS and many other of dallas' hip-hop elite. Since offically forming in 1997 they have released four projects all of which have been a refreshing delve into a sound rarely heard or experienced.

    DreadFoxx (Port Arthur, Tx) Abducted, Stupid Fly! Records
    DreadFoxx is a southern Texas local, who is a regional pioneer of the dub-step sound! Not a set to be missed!

    Imaginary Friends (Fort Worth, Tx)
    Imaginary Friends consists of Cainam and Poindexter as well as a revolving door of producers, DJ's and local/ regional hustlers hell bent on world domination. Imaginary Friends have played alongside the likes of 2Mex, GZA, Mikah 9, Project Blowed, Cunninglinguists, Busdriver and we've even toured a bit, and they are just getting started.

    Phooka and BK w/ Mc Astro Digital Confusion, Rec Shop,poor vida
    Roos Paved Groovement, Grab, OM (special countdown set)
    D-1 D-1 Creations
    James Meadows Tribal Elements, East Side Psy
    Universol Tribal Elements, East Side Psy
    TomB Tribal Elements
    DragonMan Dub Commission, SUBFM UK
    Bli xaboy Stereo On Strike,Laptop Deathmatch
    Sal Indie
    AcidbeatsTribal Elements
    Cory B Tribal Elements
    Ernie Pm Unthoughtful Neighbors, Tree Spirits
    James Prichard Nocturning Minds
    Cyberina knon/89.3
    Nao Tribal Elements
    Josh Kynd Tribal Elements

    Sound and Visual environment provided by: Nocturning Minds Soundsystem, D-1 Creations, Mynd Games Visual Collectiv, D-Star Designs, Chrysalis, and Hypnostik

    Date: 12.31.08
    Time: 8pm-8am
    Location: 1800 Lear St. [warehouse]
    Age: 18 and up to get crunk, 21 up to get drunk:
    21 and up: BYOB or extra $15 to enter open bar area
    Admission: $15 plus booze and food

    If interested in what we do, and would like to help promote, staff, vend, or are an artist, send us your stuff @ or email us @

    Thanks for your continued support!
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    Soon, baby soon!
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    Best of luck with this event. Looks great!
    Life, Just like Death, can be an interesting thing!!

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