Help the Live Music Task Force save Austin music!

Our new City Manager has given strong indications that he won't create
a Music Office, despite all the time and effort we have put in over the
last year and a half to participate in the Live Music Task Force and
its recommendations. All your trips to City Hall are being pushed aside
because of our 2009 budget deficit. The City refuses to make use of our
ability to create economic development and help us through this
recession. They've basically patted us on the head and dismissed us
like patronizing parents. One of Marc Ott's first Council appearances
was the day we filled City Hall to support the LMTF's recommendations.
He doesn't seem to acknowledge that he's supposed to be working for us
and that we have given our support to Council and the Music Office.

you outraged yet? You're going to have to stand up on our behalf. We
started making noise for a change and now we have to follow through.

We have to apply pressure on our City Council. It's
election time and we have to get involved. We have to demand action in
return for our votes. Which means that you'd better be registered and
you'd better vote! There's only a month left to get our message to the

The current Council has asked Marc Ott to create a
Music Office and he is stalling until after the elections. There's no
guarantee that the new Council will apply any pressure to the issue
after election day. So we have to act now. We asked Council and Council
has asked the City Manager. We won't get what we want without applying
pressure. It's why there's enough money for new bath houses at Barton
Springs, new parking meters, a new $750,000 CoA website - but no Music
Office. Others are making sure they get theirs and we have to demand
ours and stand up for ourselves.

Otherwise, you can continue
working 2 or 3 jobs to pay for all the money you lose making music in
the Live Music Capital of the World. You can keep generating $47
million a year in bed taxes and seeing none of it. You can continue
having nowhere to park, being afraid of noise ordinances, and you can
keep being mad that the City isn't doing its part to earn our City
Motto. It's up to YOU.

So what can you do?
Tell everyone you know about how the City is being unresponsive and the Arts community is trying to keep us from separating.
Register and VOTE ON MAY 9th -

Bring 5 friends to the Candidates forum on April 1st and demand that a Music Office be created before election day
City Council & the City Manager and tell them that we are not "the
Fine Arts" and we want a Music Office before election day!