hotwalter on the Rave to the Grave stuff there. notice the Return movies are NOT Night of the Living Dead 2, 3, 4, etc... different franchise and not remakes... they were also made to be campy horror comedy, not straight horror. The George Romero sequels were Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, etc.. classics. there have been bad zombie movies made, lots of em. usually the bigger the budget, the worse they are creatively.

this nightmare on elm street business... i'm of two minds here. 1 says "Jacky Earl King is an Oscar caliber actor who will probably bring a depth and sensitivity to the Freddy character that Robert England never could, that the film looks like it might be the Dark Knight of the NMOES franchise.

on the other hand, MEHHHHHHH.... the NMOES franchise along with FT13th franchise was some of the worse fakest crap to be called horror ever to waste good celluloid. That combined, they lowered the average intelligence of any audience that paid to see them. That they launched a formula for "horror" that's still being shoved down our throats today (you know the one, the blond virgin who's cellphone can't get reception to warn the others gets away with the black guy in the end). and that anybody who is upset about fecal matter be remade into effluent should protest louder about how the original recipe caca tastes best.

final analysis... garbage in, garbage out