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Thread: Tix to Alice in Chains BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

  1. #1 Tix to Alice in Chains BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! 
    If you're planning on going to KISS Bone Bash on 10/22, get your tix til 10 PM tonight and get the 2nd free!

    Alice In Chains, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Halestorm, Tantric, Earshot

    You can get floor tix for $59, but charter seating (right above the floor) are only $39... which is what we're getting (that way we can rage it on the gen adm floor, but still have a seat to relax in)
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    no insult to fans, but i really just feel like alice in chains isn't the same without layne staley. it is still good music, but why don't they rename the damn band or something? it's not the same band, at all.

    (and no, i'm not one of those AIC freaks who can yammer on for hours about layne staley and how he made or broke the band, but i just don't believe in trying to carry on a band simply because they can work off of the talent that was mostly responsible for their popularity, without said talent).
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    Of course it's not the same... but neither is Metallica without Jason Newstead. The new singer keeps the old sound alive, for sure and since the wifey never got to see them in the early 90s like I did, this should be a treat for her.

    Besides, look at that line up! Shit, Chevelle and PoM alone is worth going.
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    the new lead singer is fucking awesome, he almost sounds like layne staley-they're still really hard!
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    Just bought our tix
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