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Thread: No Hot Water!

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    Frack yo.
    I need a shower to feel awake in the mornings.
    Was it THAT cold last night or what?

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    i feel ya, man.

    2 years ago when we had that ice storm (i think it was 07), i had just moved into a new house and i hadn't gotten the gas turned on yet. i had to take cold showers for a few days, it totally blew.

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    being in the construction industry, i can tell ya, we dont insulate pipes down here.
    dallas sure, but austin, san antonio, houston, pretty much the entire south... we dont get freezing temperatures. so its not required or really needed.

    now here we are with freezing temperatures and its like wtf.

    if ya live in a house, by foam pipe insulators from home depot or lowes and pop em around ur the plumbing that goes into your house. they look like those floaty tube things people throw in swimming pools.
    if ya live in an appartment, condo, townhome, or duplex, leave one or two of your faucets trickling at night.
    if ya live in a mobile home/trailer well then ur just screwed, sorry but your shits very likely gonna freeze.
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