Artist: Sleazy McQueen
Release Title: Deep Blue Voodoo EP
Remixes by: John Larner, Nono Brown
Label: Deepfunk Records
Catalog Number: DFR13

1. Fantasy
2. Fantasy (John Larner’s Deep Sexy Remix)
3. Love Bandit (You Stole My Heart)
4. Love Bandit (You Stole My Heart) (Space Dub)
5. Love Bandit (You Stole My Heart) (Nono Brown Remix)

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Disco dancing super hero Sleazy McQueen bounds forth with the lucky thirteenth single from L.A.'s Deepfunk imprint, the Deep Blue Voodoo EP. It's a beautiful slice of deep, rhythmic goodness, powered by a pair of Sleazy originals: "Fantasy" and "Love Bandit (You Stole My Heart)." With recent well-received forays on labels like Headtunes, Hairy Claw, Bananza, and Eighth Dimension the Deep Blue Voodoo EP gives evidence to Mr. McQueen's growing evolution as a DJ/producer, making him a candidate for constant supervision. In other words, keep an eye on this guy. He's making great music while he's simultaneously up to no good.

Evidence in hand: the floating disco hovercraft that is "Fantasy." Filled with dancefloor laser beams and fog machine funk it's a brilliant call to synchronized hip moves. Laid back vocal bits and atmospheric clap beats lead the way. Muzique Boutique's John Larner is suddenly on hand for a 4-on-the-floor house injection, his Deep Sexy Remix raising the tempo and temperature alike. Bouncy bass lines and flirty 303s abound making for an effective, club-worthy ride.

Sleazy McQueen's two-pronged assault continues with the evocatively titled "Love Bandit (You Stole My Heart)." It's a track well-suited for repeated plays in the funk bunk, playfully sprinkled with wah-wah guitar moments, squelchy key pads, and a seductive low-end rumble. Not content with just one version, McQueen re-tools his own track into an ominous Space Dub. Crafty percussion, the return of those dancefloor lasers, and Italo-infected synth patches collide in a memorable cut for slinkier club sets. Lastly, French producer Nono Brown provides the Yin to the Space Dub's Yang: a hi-hat heavy remix that jacks to the max. This version's melody is all in the low-slung bassline as filtered and tweaked out samples from the original cut in and out above the fray. This one's strictly for the DJs.

Deepfunk Records is absolutely pleased to give you the Deep Blue Voodoo EP, courtesy of the incomparable Sleazy McQueen. We hope you dig it and make it a part of your funky arsenal. Stay tuned for more equally delicious offerings coming your way from Deepfunk.

Joshua Heath (Salted Music) - "I love 'Fantasy/' Super smooth disco grooves, perfect sunrise material. John Larner did a great job of interpreting the original into a solid bumpin' house cut. I also like the chuggy spook of the Space Dub. All in all a solid package."
Lawnchair Generals (DJ, US) - "Funky disco Fantasy for us, nicely done."
Chris Coco (Melodica Radio Show, UK) - "Rather groovy!"
Luke Solomon (Freaks, UK) - "Very cool, indeed. Great package."
Al Bradley (Bugged Out, UK) - "Amazing stuff all round here. The original of 'Fantasy' is pure class, what a superb dancefloor bomb. John Larner's mix is very tasty for a house tip, too. On 'Love Bandit' it's the fantastically groove-laden 'Space Dub' which does the trick. Brilliant."
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Blog) - "Sleazy's flavour of disco filled atmospheric house deepness continues with the latest EP. Kicking off with 'Fantasy,' laid back lounge grooves and a laser beam peppered fog machine vibe! Then onto the 'Love Bandit' with deeper beats and a 4-to-the-floor injection. Bbouncy basslines and feel good rhythms all the way rounding off with the Nono Brown Remix that will have you jackin in no time!"

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