The Don't Be So Mean album, singles and tour have been going well for Abe Duque. The remixes from Hell, Oliver Huntemann, Joey Beltram and various others have been rocking dancefloors from New York to Berlin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Sydney. His 2004 classic What Happened? collaboration with Blake Baxter also re-surfaced with new official mixes by Marc Romboy and Max Cooper, as well as a remix competition which gaves us the monster DJ Glen remix.

One track had been completed just too late for inclusion on the Don't Be So Mean album, but has been doing the rounds in the shape of John Digweed's remix. It's Hypocrisy. A vintage Abe Duque track, which has been part of his live sets for the past 18 months. And that track, including the killer John Digweed remix, will now get its official release on Process Recordings early this summer. It will be the last in the DBSM series, but also the introduction for Abe's next project: the Live And On Acid compilation, due out later this summer.

Please also check out Koto Kodama's fan-video for Hypocrisy on YouTube.

You can preview these tracks on the Process website.

Hypocrisy is out NOW, and available from: